Volcanoes 11, Squirrels 2

Playing the first place Volcanoes for the first time this season, the Screaming Squirrels Ice team didn’t realize what they were in for an 11-2 beating. The Volcanoes scored 6 goals in the first period, and one more in the second before the Squirrels finally scored. Wade Marks, who wasn’t planning on playing because of an injury, sent a knuckler past the goaltender to stop the running clock. The Volcanoes then outscored the Squirrels 4-1 in the third period. Greg Wenograd scored for the Squirrels in the third period.

The Squirrels played without Don Marks, Adam Hughes, Juan Canchasto, and Jeff Newton. The next game is Sunday, June 12, 7:30 against the Volcanoes again.