2005 Summer Ice Results and Stats

Date Result Score
Aug. 25, 2005 L Playoffs: Panic 8, Squirrels 3
Aug. 24, 2005 L Honkey Kong 5, Squirrels 2
Aug. 21, 2005 L Panic 11, Squirrels 2
Aug. 16, 2005 L Honkey Kong 2, Squirrels 1
Aug. 14, 2005 L Volcanoes 12, Squirrels 2
Aug. 8, 2005 L Volcanoes 10, Squirrels 0
July 31, 2005 L Panic 3, Squirrels 2
July 27, 2005 L Honkey Kong 7, Squirrels 0
July 24, 2005 L Panic 11, Squirrels 1
July 17, 2005 L Volcanoes 10, Squirrels 0
July 10, 2005 L Dead Kings 10, Squirrels 5
June 27, 2005 L Panic 12, Squirrels 2
June 22, 2005 L Honkey Kong 6, Squirrels 4
June 19, 2005 L Dead Kings 8, Squirrels 1
June 12, 2005 L Volcanoes 9, Squirrels 1
June 5, 2005 L Volcanoes 11, Squirrels 2
May 22, 2005 L Dead Kings 8, Squirrels 2
May 15, 2005 W Squirrels 5, Panic 4
May 2, 2005 L Dead Kings 11, Squirrels 5
April 26, 2005 W Squirrels 6, Honkey Kong 2

Scoring leaders:

Sumner, 13 goals, 8 assists, 21 points

Borlik, 9 assists


Phil Van der Vossen
Sergio Balatan
Ben Sumner
Don Marks
Adam Hughes
Matt Borlik
Greg Wenograd
Chris Long
Juan Canchasto
Chi Pham
Wade Marks
Desmond Richelsen
Charles Wolstein
Drew Thiemann
Jared Genser
Jeff Newton
Joe Berrett

Playoffs: Panic 8, Squirrels 3

Playing their third game in four nights, the Screaming Squirrels had more skaters than usual Wednesday, as they took one last shot at getting any satisfaction out of this season. The Panic, however, put the Squirrels out of their misery with an 8-3 victory to advance to the next round of the playoffs.

Like Honkey Kong on Tuesday, Panic had a single player who factored into all of their critical scoring. No. 51, David Yermal, had five goals and one assist, almost single-handedly taking down the Squirrels.

The Squirrels, however, struck first, as Sergio Balatan carried the puck deep into the zone and centered directly to Phil Van der Vossen, who flipped the puck between the goaltender’s legs. Yermal scored a few minutes later and the game was tied at 1 after the first period.

In the second period, Yermal took over, scoring three more times and assisting on another as Panic took a 5-1 lead. With six minutes remaining in the game, Van der Vossen caused Panic’s goaltender to misplay the puck, and it went in as the Squirrels cut the lead to 5-2. Yermal answered with another goal, and then Ben Sumner did moments later, frustrating Panic’s goaltender. Panic then scored two more times late in the third period and that was it.

Sumner, Van der Vossen, Balatan, Don Marks, Adam Hughes, Matt Borlik, Greg Wenograd, Chris Long, Juan Canchasto, Chi Pham, and Drew Thiemann played for the Squirrels. Thiemann played defense as the Squirrels used a substitute goaltender.

The Squirrels finished the season 2-18, their worst record ever. They scored only 46 goals while giving up 159. Ben Sumner led the team in total scoring with 21 points including 13 goals. Matt Borlik led the team in assists with 9.

The fall/winter season will begin in mid-September. The Squirrels will be in a new division and will be skating several new players, including roller teammates Rob Myers, Ed Bager and Tony Richelson. Brian Jackson of the Panic is also expected to join the team.

Honkey Kong 5, Squirrels 2

Way back at the beginning of the season – and every game they had played in the past three years – the Screaming Squirrels beat Honkey Kong without a problem. The times have changed since April 25. In the final game of the regular ice season Tuesday, Honkey Kong won again, 5-2.

Don Marks got the scoring started for the Squirrels to tie the game at 1 in the first period. Marks then assisted on Ben Sumner’s goal in the second period as the Squirrels took the lead. Honkey Kong answered with four straight as the Squirrels began to get tired with only two subs on the bench. Despite that, the Squirrels ended up with a 26-24 shot advantage.

One player on Honkey Kong – Gary Konig, factored into all of their offense, with three goals and two assists. Last week, when he didn’t play, Honkey Kong edged the Squirrels 2-1, while the Squirrels played with only one sub for half of the game.

Marks, Sumner, Juan Canchasto, Phil Van der Vossen, Matt Borlik, Chris Long, Chi Pham and Drew Thiemann played for the Squirrels.

The playoff qualifier is Wednesday at 9:45 p.m.

Panic 11, Squirrels 2

The Screaming Squirrels have occasionally played well against Panic this season. Sunday, they didn’t have their best night – coming one short of a skunk – but it sadly wasn’t their worst, either, as they fell 11-2.

The game actually started well for the Squirrels, as Ben Sumner got a shot past the scrambling goaltender only 16 seconds into the game. Then Panic scored the next nine goals, often while circling around the zone as if they were on a power play. Sumner scored again with the help of the goaltender misplaying the puck, this time 24 seconds into the third period. Panic scored two more before the running clock ran out.

The Squirrels only had two substitutes. Sumner, Phil Van der Vossen, Matt Borlik, Chris Long, Juan Canchasto, Sergio Balatan, Chi Pham, and Drew Thiemann played.

The final regular season game of the season is Tuesday against Honkey Kong at 10 p.m. The Squirrels then have to play again Wednesday in the playoff qualifier against either Panic or Honkey Kong.

Honkey Kong 2, Squirrels 1

The Squirrels have lost in nearly every way possible this year. Blowouts. Holding a lead up until the last few minutes. Blowouts. On Tuesday, they found a new way while falling to Honkey Kong, 2-1.

After a scoreless first period, the two teams got into a scuffle, and two Squirrels players got ejected. That left them with one player on the bench and a five-minute major penalty to kill with half the game to play. The Squirrels easily killed it., but Honkey Kong eventually broke the scoreless tie late in the period.

Midway through the third period, which was shortened to ten minutes instead of 15, Ben Sumner sent a weak shot at the goaltender, who fumbled it in his glove and let it trickle in. Then Honkey Kong answered with two minutes remaining to take the lead. The Squirrels put on a late flurry and missed a shot by an inch in the final moments.

After playing last night with one sub, the Squirrels were already exhausted. Honkey Kong had at least two full lines, yet narrowly escaped with the victory.

The next game is Sunday, August 21, at 9:10 p.m. against the Panic.