Roller History

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Roller champions: 2003, 2005, 2011

YearGamesRecordPointsGF/GAPMStandingsPlayoffsTop ScorerGoalieChamps
2001n/a1/na2n/an/a4th (4)n/an/an/aDragons
20031814-2-23075/45n/a1st (7)3-1? (co-champs)Bager?Byrne/BorlikSquirrels/ Hurricanes
20042213-8-12793/61n/a4th (11)1-1 (Rocks)Bager?Byrne/BorlikThe Rocks (5 Holes)
2005189-5-42292/47n/a3rd (7)3-0 (Champs)Marks (30), Ford (20 goals)Byrne/SewellSquirrels (Chupacabras)
20061914-4-12795/49n/a2nd (9)1-1 (Enigma)Ford (21 goals)SewellEnigma (5 Holes)
20072012-6-22695/681743rd (8)1-1 (Enigma)Ford (22-11)SewellS. Spring (Enigma)
20082011-6-32588/761442nd (6)0-1 (Whale)Wautel (16-17)SewellWhale (Army Ants)
2009199-101883/821105th (8)0-2 (S. Spring)*Wautel (25-13)SewellArmy Ants (H. Rollers)
2010156-7-21481/58995th (8)0-1 (5 Holes)Tessar (18-12)Miller/SewellH. Rollers (C. n Waffles)
20111411-32289/55762nd (9)3-0 (Champs)*Tessar (17-18)MillerSquirrels (Jesters)
20121411-32286/68701st (8)1-1 (S. Spring)Smith (13-16)Miller/SewellJesters (S. Spring)
20131411-32277/54722nd (8)1-1 (TWSS)*Carpenter (22-10)SewellTWSS (Jesters)
2014149-4-11973/53503rd (8)2-1 (Dinosaurs)Tessar (14-11)Sewell/MillerDinosaurs (Squirrels)
2015145-6-31367/71445th (8)0-1 (Jesters)Charles Warner (20/9)MillerDinosaurs (High Rollerz)
20161410-3-12191/54262nd (8)0-1 OT (Team Mylec)Vivek Pinto (17-9)Miller/OwenHigh Rollers (Dinosaurs)
2017149-3-22090/65602nd (6)0-1 OT (High Rollerz)Charles Warner (22/10)MillerJesters (High Rollerz)
2018144-10851/107506th (7)0-1 (TWSS)Charles Warner (14/4)Sullivan/Miller/Davis/OwenJesters (High Rollers)
2019143-11657/117425th (6)0-1 (Jesters)Nicholas Baxley (9/13)MillerTWSS (High Rollers)
2021146-81267/84875th (7)1-1 (Rough Riders)Jon Der (10/11)FletcherTWSS (Rough Riders)
2022140-14046/150145th (5)0-1 (Dinosaurs)Jon Der (11/5)Dorsey/Cryan/SteibRoller Town Knights (TWSS)
2023141-13259/153205th (5)0-1 (Wheaton Caps)Grek (11/7)Dorsey/Weiser/EichingerTWSS (Top Corn Banditos)

*Leading scorer in division.

There was no photo taken, as it was a best-of-three series and Game 3 was cancelled due to Hurricane Isabel. The Squirrels were facing… the Hurricanes.

2005 Champions


Top left: Ed Bager, Phil Van der Vossen, Desmond Richelsen, Don Marks, Tony Richelsen. Bottom left: Kit Watson, Bob Sewell, Ben Sumner, Matt Borlik, Juan Canchasto, Chris Long.

2011 Champions

screaming squirrels

Top left: Eric Smith, Rob Myers, Don Marks, Jeff Ford, Mark Tesser, Brian Icieck, Chi Pham. Bottom left: Juan Canchasto, Stu Miller, Ben Sumner, Steve Heger

Note: The team became the Screaming Squirrels in 2003. In 2001, they were called Recreational Hazzard, and in 2002, they were the Devils. The second session for 2001, and first session for 2002 were played in the Rockville roller ball league. All others were played in Laurel’s Bronze Division.