Volcanoes 12, Squirrels 2

In their last two games together, the Volcanoes have outscored the Squirrels, 20-0. On Sunday, they easily won again – but lost their shutout streak – with a 12-2 victory.

The Volcanoes were up 2-0 early when Desmond Richelson chased the puck into the left corner and centered to Ben Sumner, who flipped in a backhander. The Squirrels, playing with only one sub, lost their legs midway through the first period and gave up five more goals.

In the second period, Chris Long made one of his best plays of the season. With the puck, he streaked down the middle with defensemen around him, took a shot, got his own rebound and hammered it in to give the Squirrels their second goal.

But the Volcanoes, intent on scoring quickly, kept up the pressure, and the game ended with 10:49 to go in the third period because of the 10 goal rule. Of their 12 goals, only four players scored. In the five games the teams have played together, the Volcanoes hold the edge, 52-5.

Sumner, Richelson, Long, Phil Van der Vossen, Matt Borlik, Drew Thiemann, and Adam Hughes played for the Squirrels.

It’s a quick turnaround for the Squirrels, who play again Monday at 10:30 p.m. against Honkey Kong in Logsdon. The roller team then plays Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. against the 5 Holes.

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