Volcanoes 9, Squirrels 1

It was almost déjà vu at least at the end of the game. For the second week in a row, the Volcanoes crushed the Ice Squirrels, this time 9-1 in Logsdon. Again, the Squirrels played the first shift without a goaltender, and didn’t yield a goal. And again, the Squirrels played with very few skaters û only three total subs.

The difference between this week and last week was the score in the first two periods. The Squirrels held the Volcanoes to only four goals in the first two periods, and scored one themselves, before fatigue set in during the third.

Juan Canchasto scored for the Squirrels in the first period on a beautiful pass from Phil Van der Vossen coming down the center.

The Squirrels played without Don Marks, Jared Genser, Greg Wenograd, Desmond Richelson, Chris Long, and didn’t have any substitutes.

The next game is Sunday, June 19, at 7:30 against the Dead Kings in Logsdon.