2006 Roller Stats and Results

Date Result W/L/T
4/19/2006 Squirrels 8, Storm 1 W
4/25/2006 Squirrels 11, Storm 1 W
5/4/2006 Mors Ab Alto 3, Squirrels 1 L
5/11/2006 5-Holes 4, Squirrels 0 L
5/12/2006 Snipe 5, Squirrels 4 L
8/18/2006 Squirrels 4, Bullhawks 1 W
5/26/2006 Squirrels 8, Mors ab Alto 1 W
5/30/2006 Silver Spring 4, Squirrels 1 W
6/6/2006 Squirrels 7, Enigma 2 W
6/15/2006 Squirrels 8, Storm 0 W
6/21/2006 Squirrels 6, Chupacabras 5 W
6/26/2006 Squirrels 4, 5-Holes 3 W
7/12/2006 Squirrels 4, Chupacabras 3 W
7/19/2006 Squirrels 7, Bullhawks 6 W
7/28/2006 Snipe 5, Squirrels 3 L
8/3/2006 Squirrels 6, Silver Spring 4 W
8/10/2006 Squirrels 2, Enigma 2 T
8/11/2006 Squirrels 4, Silver Spring 1 W
8/16/2006 Squirrels 7, Mors ab Alto 1 W
8/24/2006 Squirrels 13, Bullhawks 3 W
8/29/2006 Playoffs: Enigma 1, Squirrels 0 L


Playoffs G A* Playoff Goals
Jeff Ford 21 3 0
Ben Sumner 17 8 0
Robert Myers 11 1 3
Kit Watson 10 1
Juan Canchasto 6 0
Ed Bager 6 2 0
Jon Magi 4 2
Phil Van der Vossen 3 3
Matt Borlik 3 1
Chi Pham 3 4 1
Desmond Richelsen 3 5 0
Don Marks 3 1 0
Chris Long 3 0
Tony Richelsen 2 3 2

*Full assist data was lost but counted when included in game reports.

Playoffs: Enigma 1, Squirrels 0

Three seconds remained in the game. With the Squirrels goaltender pulled and an extra skater on the rink, defender Kit Watson took a slap shot from just inside the center line. Through several screens, Enigma’s goaltender saved it – and the game – and the Squirrels lost their first playoff game in two years, 1-0, on Monday.

The game was bound to be low-scoring. The Squirrels and Enigma were one-two in defense, and had similar offensive numbers. They both finished the regular season with 27 points, though the Squirrels won the tiebreaker. The Squirrels clobbered Enigma, 7-1, earlier in the season, but a 2-2 game a couple of weeks ago made it clear that the teams were pretty much even down the stretch. And only a fluky goal would be the difference in a playoff game.

At 13:54 of the second period, a turnover, a shot off the post, a bad bounce, and a knuckler shot went past Squirrels goaltender Bob Sewell, and that was it. The Squirrels managed 21 shots while Enigma posted 19.

Enigma advances to Thursday’s finals against the winner of the 5 Holes-Snipe match, which already had four-times as many goals scored in the first half than the Squirrels-Enigma game.

The Squirrels played without Don Marks, Juan Canchasto and Matt Borlik.

Despite the loss, the Squirrels still gathered – as they usually do – at Barbeque Wings & Beer in Cloverly, showing no shame in a loss after posting a 14-6-1 record, a second-place regular season finish, and the best defense and goaltending in the division. The Squirrels will now turn their attention to ice, where they will attempt to defend their championship in the winter’s C league.

Playoffs: Squirrels 13, Bullhawks 3

The Squirrels had their best offensive performance of the season Wednesday, eliminating the Bullhawks in the first round of the playoffs with a 13-3 victory.

Phil Van der Vossen got the scoring started and scored again late in the second half to give the Squirrels a ten goal lead which cut the game short.

In between Van der Vossen’s goals, Rob Myers scored three, Tony Richelsen scored two, Jon Magi scored two, and Matt Borlik, Kit Watson, Don Marks and Chi Pham had one apiece.

The Squirrels had a 7-3 lead at the half, then scored six straight in the second period.

The highlight of the game came at 1:27 of the second period when Van der Vossen got the puck with no defenders on him and had plenty of open space, then took it in and scored on what will now be known as the slowest breakaway ever.

The Squirrels outshot the Bullhawks, 25-16. Juan Canchasto missed the game for the Squirrels.

The next game is Monday, August 28, at 8:30 p.m. against Enigma, who eliminated Mors ab Alto earlier in the evening Wednesday.

Playoffs Set in C League

The Squirrels finished in second place in the C division, meaning they will play the Bullhawks on Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. for their first playoff game.

In the rest of the C division, Snipe won it after losing only three games all season. Enigma finished in third place. Enigma and the Squirrels both finished with 27 points, but the Squirrels won the tiebreaker with an extra victory. Silver Spring had led the league most of the summer but lost four in a row down the stretch, including two to the Squirrels, and dropped to fourth place.

After starting the year strongly, the 5 Holes finished in fifth place, losing six of their final 8 games. However, they ended the season with a solid 5-0 victory against Silver Spring.

Last season’s runner-ups, the Chupacabras, finished in 6th place with a .500 record. Bullhawks, Mors ab Alto and Storm followed.

For the regular season, the Squirrels once again had the best defense, allowing only 49 goals, despite playing one game without a goaltender and giving up six. Bob Sewell led the league with the best goals-against-average – 2.21. Snipe by far led the league in offense, scoring 143 goals.

Squirrels 7, Mors ab Alto 1

Tuesday’s regular season finale was meaningless in the standings for Mors ab Alto, but important for the Squirrels because a victory would ensure that they finish no worse than third place going into the playoffs. Tony Richelsen and Ben Sumner combined for 5 goals to lead the Squirrels to a 7-1 victory.

Sumner got the scoring started at 12:07 of the first period with a backhand shot past Mors ab Alto goaltender Ryan Meeks. Sumner tried the same move again on a breakaway a few minutes later but was stopped. At 8:37, Phil Van der Vossen put the Squirrels up 2-0 with a shot in front of the net. At 3:31, Sumner scored his second goal assisted by Richelsen, and then Sumner scored again on the very same shift, also from Richelsen. The Squirrels led 4-0 at the half.

No goals were scored in the first ten minutes of the second half before Rob Myers hit Sumner with a pass in front of the net. Sumner hardly moved as the puck hit his stick, went over Meeks’ left pad and spun like a top past the goal line. Mors ab Alto scored its first goal on a delayed penalty call on the Squirrels with 4:47 to play. About a minute and a half later, Sumner hit Richelsen with a pass on a two-on-one break, and Richelsen shelved it to put the Squirrels up 6-1. Myers scored the final goal with 2:36 to go.

The Squirrels played without Ed Bager, Matt Borlik, Juan Canchasto, and Jeff Ford. Bob Sewell made 8 saves in net, while the Squirrels put up 28 shots.

The first playoff game is expected to be Wednesday, Aug. 23, either at 7:30 p.m. or 8:30 p.m. depending on the result of the Silver Spring-Snipe match.