Squirrels 7, Enigma 2

Playing their first game ever against Enigma on Tuesday, the Squirrels managed a 2-1 lead by the half before blowing open the game for a 7-2 victory.

Wearing the taboo jersey no. 99 (because it was the spare one that the Squirrels ordered), Juan Canchasto felt added pressure to put up some points, and did. With a few nifty moves to fake out the goaltender, Canchasto got the scoring started two minutes into the first period. Enigma tied the game five minutes later, but with 24 seconds remaining in the period, Ed Bager scored on a backhand shot to give the Squirrels the lead again.

In the second period, Canchasto scored his second goal from behind the net as the puck bounced off of a defender and went in. Enigma cut the score to 4-2 with a power play goal, but it was all Squirrels after that. Jon Magi, Ben Sumner, Kit Watson and Desi Richelsen contributed to the five-goal second period.

The Squirrels put up 23 shots on net. Enigma, the only team so far to beat first place Silver Spring, had 10 shots against Squirrels goaltender Bob Sewell.

The Squirrels played without Tony Richelsen, Don Marks, Matt Borlik, Rob Myers, and Jeff Ford.

The next game is Thursday, June 15, at 8:30 p.m. against Storm, a team still winless in the division.

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