Squirrels 4, Southwest Airlines 1

If Southwest Airlines had anything going for them Tuesday, it was goaltending. But the shots kept coming and the Squirrels finally broke away for a 4-1 victory.

Southwest Airlines scored first on a shot that the Squirrels said never went in. The puck clanged off the crossbar and bounced to the side, but the referee blew the whistle and signaled a goal. Thirteen seconds later, Matt Borlik evened the score, and that stood throughout the rest of the first period and nearly all of the second.

With 16 seconds remaining in the second period, Brian Jackson sent a shot around a defenseman and through the pads of the goaltender to give the Squirrels a 2-1 lead. It was the only shot that went in after 16 others by the Squirrels in that period.

The Squirrels kept up the pressure in the third period and Southwest Airlines often had trouble clearing the zone. Borlik netted two more and the Squirrels earned their third win of the season. Goaltender Brian Rimm faced nine shots, while the Squirrels posted 42, their most since March when they had 46 in a game.

Charles Wolstein and Chris Long missed the game for the Squirrels. Ben Sumner missed on a rarely-called a penalty shot in the second period.

The next game is Thursday, Oct. 27 at 10:20 p.m. against Dog Star in Logsdon.