Squirrels 11, Dead Kings 1

The Squirrels and Dead Kings hadn’t played each other since July 10, 2005. That summer, the Dead Kings took four games from the Squirrels. A year and a half later, the Squirrels got a bit of revenge with a game that was nearly over with six minutes to go in the second period. Instead, the Dead Kings didn’t allow the Squirrels to get the 10-goal lead until 2:21 of the third period, when the Squirrels ended it at 11-1.

Tony Richelsen and Rob Myers each had three goals, Ed Bager and Brent Machado had two, and Greg Wenograd notched one for the Squirrels. Myers also had three assists. The seventh goal was scored 8:46 in the second period to start the running clock. The Squirrels outshot the Dead Kings, 31-10.

The Squirrels played without Don Marks, Wade Marks, Chi Pham, Brian Jackson, Paul Kobernick, Sergio Balatan, Adam Hughes and Phil Van der Vossen.

The next game is Sunday, Jan. 28, at 8:55 p.m. against Meltdown.