Ice Squirrels Move Up to C Level

The Ice Squirrels are playing so well this summer, 6-0 and +40 goal differential, that they have been moved up to the C Division. The revised schedule has been posted on the webpage. Congratulations to the Ice Team for the promotion. Keep up the hustle!

Official word from the league : “We had to move two teams to different levels, as they were obviously misplaced. The Squirrels will be moving up from D level to C level after they play the Stingrays. Only their games in their new level will count in the standings, although the league website may show them all as counting. To determine their real position in the standings, we will convert their record to a winning percentage and then determine their position relative to the teams in their new division. If you have any questions about this, please let me know, but we have done this before when teams have been misplaced and it has worked out fine. “