Former Foes Join Squirrels Roller Team

Longtime members of the Squirrels roller team remember the Hurricanes. In 2003, the Squirrels faced them in a best-of-3 championship match, split 1-1, but couldn’t play game three because Hurricane Isabel tore through the area. In 2005, the Hurricanes were a dominant team, but lost in the semifinals which paved the way for a Squirrels championship. After that, the Hurricanes were promoted to the B division, and the Squirrels haven’t seen them since.

The Hurricanes were set to drop back down to the C division this season, but after several members couldn’t return, they had to break up. Which left Eddie Owen, Steve Heger Jr. and Nathan Leber needing a new team. So they’ll be putting on the yellow jerseys and skating alongside their former foes.

Here is the 2011 Squirrels roller roster:

  • Ben Sumner
  • Jeff Ford
  • Stu Miller (goalie)
  • Juan Canchasto
  • Chi Pham
  • Mark Tessar
  • Steve Heger
  • Don Marks
  • Rob Myers
  • Brian Iciek
  • Eric Smith
  • Nathan Leber
  • Ed Owen
  • Wes Gassert
  • Bob Sewell (backup goaltender)


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