Longtime Squirrels

These people played at least five years with the Squirrels.

Bager, EdRoller/Ice
Borlik, MattRoller/Ice
Canchasto, JuanRoller/Ice
Danziger, JonIce
Ford, JeffRoller
n/aHainer, GregoryRoller
Kobernick, PaulIce
Long, ChrisRoller/Ice
Machado, BrentIce
Magi, JonRoller/Ice
Marks, DonRoller/Ice
Miller, StuRoller
Moberg, TeroIce
Myers, RobRoller/Ice
Pham, ChiRoller/Ice
Pinto, VivekRoller/Ice
Richelsen, DesmondRoller/Ice
Richelsen, TonyRoller/Ice
Sewell, BobRoller
Sumner, BenRoller/Ice
Tessar, MarkRoller/Ice
Thiemann, DrewIce
Valdes, BobIce
Van der Vossen, PhilRoller/Ice
Watson, KitRoller
Winters, DougIce
Wolstein, CharlesIce

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