2007-08 Ice Season

Baby Wautel, Pham Born

Ben Sumner


Within two days, two new baby Squirrels joined the family. Sebastian Reid Wautel was brought into world to reek havoc on goalies across the league,ö according to first-time father Chris, while Aiden Lucas Pham was born at 10:09 PM on 4/17. Chi’s wife Sandra is resting and recovering.

Ice Squirrels in a Free Fall

Ben Sumner


The Screaming Squirrels keep losing in this division. ‘Nuff said.

Squirrels Fall Again

Ben Sumner


The Screaming Squirrels fell to 1-3 since being moved up a division with a 5-2 loss to the Fighting Docs. Chris Wautel and Chi Pham scored as the Squirrels were outshot 35-14.

Wutel, Pham, Matt Borlik, Ben Sumner, Dan Carter, Chris Long, Brent Machado, Charles Wolstein and Mike Bronson played for the Squirrels behind backup goaltender Paul Diosurin.

Wautel, Bronson Do the Trick

Ben Sumner


The Squirrels won their first game in the C2 division Thursday, beating the last place team, Syracuse, 7-5, thanks to hatricks from Mike Bronson and Chris Wautel. Rob Myers scored the other goal.

The Squirrels went down 2-0 in the first period but Bronson and Wautel each notched goals in the final two minutes of the period.

The Squirrels went up 3-2 in the second period as Bronson scored again. Syracuse answered back, then the Squirrels regained the lead as Myers shot in Chris Long’s pass. But Syracuse scored again and the score was 4-4 going into the final period.

Bronson scored shorthanded only 10 seconds into the third period, and Wautel gave the Squirrels a two-goal cushion about two minutes later. Syracuse scored on the power play but that was as close as they could get before Wautel scored his third of the game to give the Squirrels a 7-5 win.

The Squirrels outshot Syracuse, 7-5, behind backup goaltender Paul Diosuran.

The next game is Thursday, Jan. 31, against the Fighting Docs at 10.

Squirrels Lose Second in a Row

Ben Sumner


The Squirrels fell to 0-2 since being moved up a division with a 9-5 loss to NTAC on Wednesday. However, the Squirrels made it really interesting down the stretch by tying the game at 5 after being down 5-3 in the third period.

The Squirrels started the game off well as Chris Wautel broke away and scored less than a minute into the game. NTAC tied it up on a power play, and the Squirrels took the lead again as Mich’l Bronson made a few nifty moved and hovered in a backhand shot. NTAC scored the last two goals of the period for a 3-2 lead.

NTAC went up 4-2 in the second period, but Brent Machado answered at 11:41. Then NTAC scored again for the 5-3 lead.

Matt Borlik and Desi Richelsen each scored early in the third to tie the game, but NTAC went ahead for good at 9:36. With less than two minutes remaining, on a power play and the puck in the offensive zone, the Squirrels pulled goaltender Drew Thiemann but NTAC took advantage, scored a shorthanded goal, then twice more int he next 40 seconds.

Wautel, Bronson, Machado, Thiemann, Richelsen, Borlik, Ben Sumner, Dan Carter, Chris Long, Paul Kobernick, Brian Jackson, Jon Magi and Rob Myers played for the Squirrels, who were outshot 34-15.

The next game is Jan. 24 against Syracuse at 10 p.m.

Promoted Squirrels Lose First

Ben Sumner


The league wasted no time in giving the Screaming Squirrels a challenge in their first game in the Bronze 2 division as the Blast handed the Squirrels their first defeat of the season, 6-2, on Thursday. Not all was lost, though, as the Squirrels learned that they could go head-to-head with the first-place Blast, and even lead for much of the first period.

Chris Wautel got the scoring started for the Squirrels with a shorthanded goal at 5:39 of the first period. The Squirrels held the lead and the forecheck until late in the first, when Blast put two up on the board.

Blast scored twice in the second period for a 4-1 lead, the twice more in the third as the Brent Machado answered with a goal.

Drew Thiemann made 25 saves in net as the Squirrels put up 20 shots. Wautel, Machado, Thiemann, Mike Bronson, Chris Long, Dan Carter, Rob Myers, Ben Sumner, Desi Richelsen, Matt Borlik and Jon Magi played for the Squirrels.

The next game is Wednesday, Jan. 16, at 10:10 p.m. against NTAC.

Squirrels Move Up

Ben Sumner


After dominating the Bronze 3 division for the first ten games of the season, the league moved the Screaming Squirrels up a level and will have them playing some pretty good teams.

The Squirrels will face first-place Blast of Bronze 2, the first place Fighting Docs of Bronze 1, the old friends Panic, familiar faces such as Honkey Kong, Exit First and Syracuse, and teams they’ve never seen, Laughing Skulls 2, Deadeye, Ice Cats and NTAC.

The Squirrels anticipated the move and look forward to the tougher competition.

Squirrels Get Wakeup Call

Ben Sumner


The Dead Kings came out of the gate shooting. The Squirrels couldn’t clear the zone, and the first loss of the season seemed to be a reality. But then the Squirrels found the trick to winning, and what started out as lopsided ice turned into a 7-3 victory behind a solid performance by goaltender Drew Thiemann.

The league’s leading scorer, Jeff Huntington, scored on a wraparound at 1:26 into the game to put the Dead Kings up, 1-0. The Squirrels tied it at 9:42 as Brent Machado scored what he referred to as a ‘fluke.’ Mich’l Bronson then put the Squirrels up 2-1 at 11:23 with a patient shot out front. Charles Wolstein picked up an assist on the play, the stay-at-home defenseman’s first point of the season. Then the Dead Kings scored on what looked to be a shot with a high stick, but the referees allowed it, and the score was 2-2 after a frustrating first period for the Squirrels.

The score remained tied throughout much of the second period before Chris Long saw a loose puck behind the goaltender, dashed over and hammered it home. Late in the period, Ben Sumner scored on what he referred to as a ‘fluke.’ The second period featured nine minor penalties on both teams, three pairs of which were coincidental.

Bronson, Matt Borlik and Long scored in the third period, but the Dead Kings didn’t give up, and got a third while peppering Thiemann with shots near the end of the game. Thiemann made 28 saves as the Squirrels scored seven times on 26 shots.

Bronson, Machado, Long, Sumner, Borlik, Thiemann, Wolstein, Brian Jackson, Dan Carter, Rob Myers and Matt Benson played for the Squirrels.

The next game is Jan. 3, 2008, at 10 p.m. against the Piranhas.

Players With B, M Initials Score

Ben Sumner


Michael Bronson, Matt Benson, Matt Borlik, and Brent Machado posted the goals Tuesday in an 8-0 route of Meltdown.

The game was only 1-0 after the first period, which was a typical start for the Squirrels this season, even in a runaway victory. Bronson scored four goals, Machado netted two (including one on a clearing attempt that the goaltender misplayed), and Borlik and Benson each had one. Benson’s goal, which came on a 5-on-3 power play, was his first as a Squirrel.

Goaltender Drew Thiemann turned aside 17 shots for his first shutout of the season (the Squirrels’ second as a team), as the Squirrels posted 36 shots. Borlik, Machado, Thiemann, Benson, Bronson, Ben Sumner, Chris Long, Greg Wenograd, Dan Carter, Charles Wolstein, Jon Magi, Desi Richelsen and Rob Myers suited up for the Squirrels.

The next game is Sunday, Dec. 16, at 4:40 p.m. against the Dead Kings, who have two of the three top scorers in the league.

Squirrels Give Up Season-High Three Against Gnu

Ben Sumner


The Squirrels won 8-3 on Sunday, outshot Gnu 57-22, but only led 3-1 after the first period and were outscored 1-0 in the third. The 5-1 second period and Chris Wautel’s two goals and three assists boosted the Squirrels to their first 8-0 start in three years.

Ben Sumner scored 21 seconds into the game with a backhand redirect of Paul Kobernick’s pass from the corner. Gnu tied the game at 8:08, but the Squirrels regained the lead as Greg Wenograd scored off of a rebound. Wautel scored his first on a breakaway at 12:03.

Gnu made the game interesting about one minute into the second period, and the score stayed at 3-2 for four minutes before the Squirrels ran away with it. Mike Bronson, Wautel, Matt Borlik, Chi Pham and Dan Carter scored to put the Squirrels up 8-2.

Sumner, Wenograd, Wautel, Bronson, Borlik, Kobernick, Pham, Carter, Don Marks, Charles Wolstein, Jon Magi, Drew Thiemann, Chris Long and Matt Benson played for the Squirrels. It was Benson’s first game for the team.

The next game is Tuesday, Dec. 11, at 10 p.m. against Meltdown.

Richelsen Marries

Ben Sumner


Desmond Richelsen married Squirrels superfan Tricia Friedman at Forcey Church on Friday. No penalties were called at the wedding.

Another Win

Ben Sumner


With only two full lines to start, the Squirrels outhustled, outshot, and outscored the Piranhas on Sunday en route to an 8-0 victory. The Squirrels are now 7-0, in firm control of the division, but has yet to be tested against the three teams behind them in the standings.

Tony Richelsen and Chi Pham scored in the first period. Jon Magi, Ben Sumner and Chris Long scored in the second. Magi, Long, and Drew Thiemann, who played defense instead of goalie, scored in the third.

Charles Wolstein, Dan Carter, Paul Kobernick and Brent Machado also played for the Squirrels, who used a substitute goaltender, who got the 13-save shutout as the Squirrels put up 37 shots.

Jersies Arrive – With Wrong Logo

Ben Sumner


After six weeks of waiting, the new ice jersies arrived – and they came with the patch the Squirrels use on their old black jersies. They are still useable, however, and the jersey company says the correct patches will be sent.

Beer Bag Retired

Ben Sumner


The bag that the Squirrels used to put beer in.

It leaked. And there was mold. Yet the Squirrels kept using it. But they finally decided to retire it Wednesday. So long, beer bag.

Squirrels Take Down Cruisers

Ben Sumner


As usual, it was a close first period Wednesday, and then the Squirrels ran away with a 7-2 victory against the Cruisers.

Dan Carter got the scoring started for the Squirrels with a slap shot from the point on a power play at 6:33 of the first period. Ben Sumner knocked in a rebound about a minute later to put the Squirrels up 2-0. With nine seconds remaining in the period, the Squirrels lost a face-off in the defensive zone, and the Cruisers showed flashes of good passing and put the puck in the net past Drew Thiemann.

Then the second period started, and it was all Squirrels. Matt Borlik Chris Wautel, and Sumner scored. The Squirrels took consecutive too many men bench minors at the end of the second period and at the beginning of the third, but killed off the penalties. Greg Wenograd scored at 6:46 of the third period before the Cruisers scored on a back-door pass to cut the lead to 6-2. Tony Richelsen added the seventh goal.

Carter and the Cruisers’ Andy Gardner got into a fight with about two minutes remaining in the game, with Gardner throwing punches. The referees, however, called both players with two roughing minors each.

Sumner, Carter, Wenograd, Borlik, Wautel, Thiemann, Chris Long, Tony and Desi Richelsen, Chi Pham, Brent Machado, Paul Kobernick, Rob Myers and Jon Magi played for the Squirrels, who outshot the Cruisers 36-17.

Squirrels Skunk Nordiques

Ben Sumner


At 1:16 of the second period Tuesday, the Nordiques took a 2-1 lead against the Squirrels. Two minutes later, they still had the lead. Then the Squirrels tied it, scored three goals in 36 seconds and ran away with a 12-2 victory.

Tony Richelsen led the way for the Squirrels with five goals. Matt Borlik and Chris Wautel each had two, while Brent Machado, Rob Myers, and Paul Kobernick each had one. Dan Carter, Charles Wolstein, Ben Sumner, Desi Richelsen, Jon Magi and Drew Thiemann also played for the Squirrels, while the Nordiques played without a couple of their higher-scoring players.

The next game is Wednesday, Nov. 14, at 10 p.m. against the Cruisers.

Squirrels Roast Ducks

Ben Sumner


The Mighty Old Ducks could argue that they had a moral victory in the Squirrels’ 5-1 win Thursday, as they lost by only four goals, an improvement over two losses last season. Though the Squirrels controlled the majority of the game, it was only 1-0 after the first period as the Squirrels couldn’t score in bunches though the shots kept coming.

Rob Myers got on the board first with a breakaway at 12:51 of the first period. In the second period, Dan Carter netted a goal and Brent Machado scored on a defelction. Chi Pham and Ben Sumner added two more in the third before the Ducks got on the board.

There was one stat, however, that was even more disproportionate than the score: The Squirrels’ 30-5 shot advantage.

Sumner, Carter, Myers, Pham, Matt Borlik, Greg Wenograd, Brent Machado, Charles Wolstein, Jon Magi, Don Marks, Chris Wautel and Drew Thiemann played for the Squirrels, who improved to 4-0 on the season.

The next game is Tuesday, Nov. 6, at 10 p.m. against the Nordiques.

Bronson Gets Hat Trick, and Gordie Howe Hat Trick

Ben Sumner


The Screaming Squirrels exploded for five goals in the second period Wednesday en route to a 9-2 victory against Meltdown. The Squirrels improved to 3-0 on the season, putting them alone atop the standings.

Paul Kobernick got the scoring started at 3:07 of the first period on beautiful passing plays from Greg Wenograd and Brent Machado. Metldown broke away on a 2-on-1 and tied the game at 5:27. Then Chris Long scored a couple of minutes later and the Squirrels never looked back. Mike Bronson scored his first as a Squirrel – and his first of three goals – to give the Squirrels a 3-1 lead after the first period.

Bronson scored again at 2:16 of the second period, and the same line scored 10 seconds later as Rob Myers got his second of the season. Four minutes later, Bronson got the hat trick. Machado and Ben Sumner tallied as the Squirrels went up 8-1 after the second period.

Meltdown scored a shorthanded goal and Tony Richelsen roofed a shot in the third period, which saw a variety of penalties on both teams, including ones that made the Squirrels wonder how two guys shoving each other could lead to such lopsided punishments.

The next game is Thursday, Oct. 25, at 10 p.m. against the Mighty Old Ducks.

Squirrels Stop Gnu

Ben Sumner


The Squirrels stumbled out of the game Tuesday, but regained their composure and shut down Gnu for the final two periods in a 4-2 victory.

Gnu scored on the power play at 8:03 of the game, then went ahead 2-0 five minutes later. Then Chris Wautel took the puck coast-to-coast and cut the score to 2-1. In the second period, Dan Carter tied the game. Rob Myers scored the go-ahead goal at 1:46 of the third period, and Chi Pham added an insurance goal with a slap shot from the point.

Drew Thiemann made 14 saves in net as the Squirrels put up 26 shots. The Squirrels used three full lines of players. The next game is Wednesday, Oct. 17, at 10:15 p.m. against Meltdown.

Squirrels Open Season With Win

Ben Sumner


The Squirrels’ 5-1 victory against the Piranhas in Sunday’s opening game was only part of the story. The Squirrels got a glimpse of their future as the new guys – Mike Bronson and Dan Carter – combined for four assists on four of the goals, all while controlling much of the game.

Brent Machado scored the first goal of the season only 30 seconds into the game. Two minutes later, Tony Richelsen’s individual effort put the Squirrels up 2-0. The Piranhas struck back with a breakaway goal 13 minutes into the first period, but it was all Squirrels after that. Ben Sumner bounced the puck off the back of the goaltender to put the Squirrels up 3-1 before the end of the period. Matt Borlik scored the only goal of the second period and Sumner added his second of the game in the third period. Drew Thiemann made 14 saves in net as the Squirrels put up 25 goals.

Machado, Bronson, Carter, Sumner, Borlik, Thiemann, Tony Richelsen, Desi Richelsen, Charles Wolstein, Chris Long and Jon Magi played for the Squirrels.

The next game is Tuesday, Oct. 9, at 10 p.m. against Gnu.