2005 Summer Ice Season

Over and Out

Ben Sumner


Playing their third game in four nights, the Screaming Squirrels had more skaters than usual Wednesday, as they took one last shot at getting any satisfaction out of this season. The Panic, however, put the Squirrels out of their misery with an 8-3 victory to advance to the next round of the playoffs.

Like Honkey Kong on Tuesday, Panic had a single player who factored into all of their critical scoring. No. 51, David Yermal, had five goals and one assist, almost single-handedly taking down the Squirrels.

The Squirrels, however, struck first, as Sergio Balatan carried the puck deep into the zone and centered directly to Phil Van der Vossen, who flipped the puck between the goaltender’s legs. Yermal scored a few minutes later and the game was tied at 1 after the first period.

In the second period, Yermal took over, scoring three more times and assisting on another as Panic took a 5-1 lead. With six minutes remaining in the game, Van der Vossen caused Panic’s goaltender to misplay the puck, and it went in as the Squirrels cut the lead to 5-2. Yermal answered with another goal, and then Ben Sumner did moments later, frustrating Panic’s goaltender. Panic then scored two more times late in the third period and that was it.

Sumner, Van der Vossen, Balatan, Don Marks, Adam Hughes, Matt Borlik, Greg Wenograd, Chris Long, Juan Canchasto, Chi Pham, and Drew Thiemann played for the Squirrels. Thiemann played defense as the Squirrels used a substitute goaltender.

The Squirrels finished the season 2-18, their worst record ever. They scored only 46 goals while giving up 159. Ben Sumner led the team in total scoring with 21 points including 13 goals. Matt Borlik led the team in assists with 9.

The fall/winter season will begin in mid-September. The Squirrels will be in a new division and will be skating several new players, including roller teammates Rob Myers, Ed Bager and Tony Richelson. Brian Jackson of the Panic is also expected to join the team.

Regular Season Ends, Here Come the Playoffs!

Ben Sumner


Way back at the beginning of the season – and every game they had played in the past three years – the Screaming Squirrels beat Honkey Kong without a problem. The times have changed since April 25. In the final game of the regular ice season Tuesday, Honkey Kong won again, 5-2.

Don Marks got the scoring started for the Squirrels to tie the game at 1 in the first period. Marks then assisted on Ben Sumner’s goal in the second period as the Squirrels took the lead. Honkey Kong answered with four straight as the Squirrels began to get tired with only two subs on the bench. Despite that, the Squirrels ended up with a 26-24 shot advantage.

One player on Honkey Kong – Gary Konig, factored into all of their offense, with three goals and two assists. Last week, when he didn’t play, Honkey Kong edged the Squirrels 2-1, while the Squirrels played with only one sub for half of the game.

Marks, Sumner, Juan Canchasto, Phil Van der Vossen, Matt Borlik, Chris Long, Chi Pham and Drew Thiemann played for the Squirrels.

The playoff qualifier is Wednesday at 9:45 p.m.

Almost Over

Ben Sumner


The Screaming Squirrels have occasionally played well against Panic this season. Sunday, they didn’t have their best night – coming one short of a skunk – but it sadly wasn’t their worst, either, as they fell 11-2.

The game actually started well for the Squirrels, as Ben Sumner got a shot past the scrambling goaltender only 16 seconds into the game. Then Panic scored the next nine goals, often while circling around the zone as if they were on a power play. Sumner scored again with the help of the goaltender misplaying the puck, this time 24 seconds into the third period. Panic scored two more before the running clock ran out.

The Squirrels only had two substitutes. Sumner, Phil Van der Vossen, Matt Borlik, Chris Long, Juan Canchasto, Sergio Balatan, Chi Pham, and Drew Thiemann played.

The final regular season game of the season is Tuesday against Honkey Kong at 10 p.m. The Squirrels then have to play again Wednesday in the playoff qualifier against either Panic or Honkey Kong.

And Again…

Ben Sumner


The Squirrels have lost in nearly every way possible this year. Blowouts. Holding a lead up until the last few minutes. Blowouts. On Tuesday, they found a new way while falling to Honkey Kong, 2-1.

After a scoreless first period, the two teams got into a scuffle, and two Squirrels players got ejected. That left them with one player on the bench and a five-minute major penalty to kill with half the game to play. The Squirrels easily killed it., but Honkey Kong eventually broke the scoreless tie late in the period.

Midway through the third period, which was shortened to ten minutes instead of 15, Ben Sumner sent a weak shot at the goaltender, who fumbled it in his glove and let it trickle in. Then Honkey Kong answered with two minutes remaining to take the lead. The Squirrels put on a late flurry and missed a shot by an inch in the final moments.

After playing last night with one sub, the Squirrels were already exhausted. Honkey Kong had at least two full lines, yet narrowly escaped with the victory.

The next game is Sunday, August 21, at 9:10 p.m. against the Panic.

No Shutout This Time

Ben Sumner


In their last two games together, the Volcanoes have outscored the Squirrels, 20-0. On Sunday, they easily won again – but lost their shutout streak – with a 12-2 victory.

The Volcanoes were up 2-0 early when Desmond Richelson chased the puck into the left corner and centered to Ben Sumner, who flipped in a backhander. The Squirrels, playing with only one sub, lost their legs midway through the first period and gave up five more goals.

In the second period, Chris Long made one of his best plays of the season. With the puck, he streaked down the middle with defensemen around him, took a shot, got his own rebound and hammered it in to give the Squirrels their second goal.

But the Volcanoes, intent on scoring quickly, kept up the pressure, and the game ended with 10:49 to go in the third period because of the 10 goal rule. Of their 12 goals, only four players scored. In the five games the teams have played together, the Volcanoes hold the edge, 52-5.

Sumner, Richelson, Long, Phil Van der Vossen, Matt Borlik, Drew Thiemann, and Adam Hughes played for the Squirrels.

It’s a quick turnaround for the Squirrels, who play again Monday at 10:30 p.m. against Honkey Kong in Logsdon. The roller team then plays Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. against the 5 Holes.

Another Goose Egg

Ben Sumner


The Squirrels were laughing and carrying on in the locker room following the game Sunday, making the best of a lost season. They had just suffered another 10-0 defeat at the hands of the Volcanoes, this time with ten minutes remaining in the third period.

Despite the lopsided loss, there were some positive moments for the Squirrels, who were only playing with two substitutes. The Volcanoes didn’t score until midway into the first period, and were held scoreless during a four-minute power play. Matt Borlik, playing in net, made 31 saves.

The Squirrels did have a few quality chances, but just couldn’t get the puck past the goalkeeper. Greg Wenograd showed perhaps the most heart in the entire game for either team, as he streaked up mid-ice for a puck that a defenseman was lazily retrieving. Wenograd unfortunately didn’t get a shot away as several Volcanoes finally converged, but he made a play out of nothing while already skating on a long shift.

Borlik, Wenograd, Chris Long, Ben Sumner, Juan Canchasto, Wade Marks, Charles Wolstein and Adam Hughes played for the Squirrels. Goaltender Drew Thiemann missed the game as he is recovering from having his wisdom teeth removed. It was also his birthday.

The Volcanoes will go for their third consecutive 10-0 game against the Squirrels on Sunday, August 14, at 9:10 p.m. The Squirrels play again Monday, August 15, at 10:30 p.m. against Honkey Kong. Four regular season games remain.

Squirrels Get ‘Respectable’ Loss

Ben Sumner


Playing with a full line of forwards for the first time in a couple of months, the Squirrels put forth a valiant effort Sunday but couldn’t capitalize on a last-minute chance, and fell to the Panic, 3-2.

The teams skated to a scoreless first period and traded goals in the second. Chris Long put in a rebound off of Matt Borlik’s shot for the first goal, then the Panic answered a minute and a half later. With 3:15 remaining in the period, Borlik fed Wade Marks, who sent in a wrister to the top shelf. Again, the Panic scored on the next shift. In the third period, the Panic scored the winning goal with 8:39 remaining, and held on for the victory. All three Panic goals came after poor breakouts by the Squirrels.

The Squirrels killed all five of their penalties, sometimes looking more in control than the Panic. Drew Theimann made 28 saves for the Squirrels in net.

Thiemann, Borlik, Long, Wade and Don Marks, Desi Richelson, Charles Wolstein, Juan Canchasto, Ben Sumner, and Greg Wenograd played for the Squirrels.

The next game is Sunday, August 7, at 10:30 against the Volcanoes in Logsdon. Five games remain in the season.

Another Laugher

Ben Sumner


Honkey Kong did to the Squirrels what the Squirrels routinely did to them the last three years on Tuesday. They blew them out, 7-0.

Greg Wenograd, Chris Long, Matt Borlik, Ben Sumner, Adam Hughes, Desmond Richelson, Drew Thiemann, Juan Canchasto and Charles Wolstein played for the Squirrels, who lost their tenth game in a row.

The next game is Sunday, July 31 at 9:10 against the Panic.

Skunked Again

Ben Sumner


With only one substitute Sunday, the Squirrels didn’t have the endurance to match Panic. And Panic didn’t even have a goaltender. Playing five against six skaters and an empty net proved to be a disadvantage as the Squirrels had difficulty getting it past a third defenseman. The game ended near the end of the second period when Panic went up 11-1. At that point, the Squirrels had no substitutes because of excessive penalties.

The Squirrels only had one official shot on goal because shots are only counted when they go in if the opposing team doesn’t have a goaltender. The Squirrels used a substitute goaltender, who plays for the Dead Kings. Matt Borlik, Charles Wolstein, Sergio Balatan, Ben Sumner, Adam Hughes and Desmond Richelson played for the Squirrels.

The next game is Tuesday, at 10:45 against Honkey Kong.


Ben Sumner


In three games so far this season, the undefeated Volcanoes have outscored the Squirrels 30-3, the latest a 10-0 game on Sunday night. Two more games remain between the teams later in August, and the Squirrels have shown few signs that they’re about to turn it around against this team.

While the Ice Gardens has in the past rearranged leagues middway through the season based on skill level, there has been no sign of it happening as of yet., despite a huge gap in the standings between the Volcanoes and Dead Kings, and the Panic, Squirrels and Honkey Kong.

Drew Thiemann, Matt Borlik, Chris Long, Adam Hughes, Sergio Balatan, Charles Wolstein, Juan Canchasto and Ben Sumner suited up for the Squirrels.

The next game is Sunday, July 24 agains the Panic at 9:10.

Squirrels Lose Seventh Straight

Ben Sumner


If there was any consolation to Sunday’s 10-5 loss to the Dead Kings, it was the the Squirrels put up their highest goal total in almost two months, and they did it with only two substitutes on the bench.

Ben Sumner scored the first two goals for the Squirrels, and Greg Wenograd sailed in a shot with three seconds remaining in the second period. Sumner scored again in the third, and Matt Borlik got the Squirrels’ fifth goal between the goaltender’s legs.

No. 71 on the Dead Kings had eight points – five goals and three assists – and has several more points on the season than the Squirrels’ goal total.

Drew Thiemann made 26 saves for the Squirrels. The last goal was an empty-netter. Chris Long, Desi Richelson, Charles Wolstein and Adam Hughes also played. The next game is Sunday, July 17, at 10:30 against the unbeaten Volcanoes.

2 Teams, 3 Subs

Ben Sumner


The most noticable thing about the Screaming Squirrels-Panic game Sunday night was the bench. There were only three players sitting on it at any given time, no where close to the recommended 10 subs per team. The Squirrels only had one sub, and the Panic had two. The Squirrels would like to think that made the difference in their 12-2 loss.

Matt Borlik scored the first goal of the game for the Squirrels, who held the lead up until two minutes remained in the first period. Then Panic started scoring. Three in the final minutes of the first period, four in the second, and five in the third. Goaltender Drew Thiemann faced 45 shots, saving 34 of them. Panic’s final goal was a short-handed empty netter as the Squirrels pulled the goaltender for one final flurry. The Squirrels only had eight shots in the first two periods, and 11 in the third. Ben Sumner scored the second goal for the Squirrels midway through the third period.

Besides Sumner, Borlik and Thiemann, Desi Richelson, Adam Hughs, Chris Long, and Greg Wenograd showed up for the Squirrels. The teams, both shorthanded, were supposed to play on the smaller Logsdon rink. Without warning, The Gardens Ice House moved the game to the much larger Resor rink, though Logsdon was not being used at the time.

The Squirrels now have a long layoff. They’ll return to the ice July 10, at 9 p.m. against the Dead Kings.

Squirrels Stumble in the End

Ben Sumner


Honkey Kong was due. They hadn’t beaten the Screaming Squirrels – in roller or ice – in the three years that the two teams have played each other. In fact, most of the games, even the one earlier this season, were virtual Squirrel blowouts.

This time, the Screaming Squirrels couldn’t put them away. The Squirrels were up 3-1 after the first period, but Honkey Kong came back and tied the game in the second, then went ahead 4-3 in the third. Adam Hughes tied the game for the Squirrels on the first half of a four-minute power play, and all the momentum was in the Squirrels’ favor. Honkey Kong took another penalty, giving the Squirrels a two-man advantage for 1:28. But Honkey Kong killed the first penalty as their skater came out of the box and scored, putting Honkey Kong up 5-4. They scored again on a controversial goal when the whistle was blown before the loose puck went into the net. The referee didn’t call the goal until more than a minute after play had stopped, and even Honkey Kong players were saying “That was close.” Tempers flared after that, the Squirrels took more penalties, and the game ended at 6-4.

It was the Squirrels’ fourth straight loss, and their schedule isn’t getting any easier. They will next play the Panic on Sunday at 10:30 in Logsdon, and defenseman Don Marks will be missing several weeks as he goes on his honeymoon.

Van der Vossen’s Goal Spoils Dead Kings’ Shutout Bid

Ben Sumner


One on one, he kicked it in the crease, to his stick, and slammed it between the goaltender’s pads in the far right corner. With less than a minute remaining in the game, Phil Van der Vossen finally put the Screaming Squirrels on the board, temporarily stopping a running clock and showing the Dead Kings that shutting out the Squirrels one thing they haven’t accomplished in their blowout victories.

After a promising start for the Squirrels, Sunday’s game ended 8-1, their fourth loss in a row in which they were outscored 36-6. The Squirrels only allowed one goal in the first period before the Dead Kings opened the floodgates with long passes up the middle to streaking forwards.

Don Marks and Jared Genser missed the game for the Squirrels, and Drew Thiemann played half of the game on defense before leaving for a playoff game in a different league. The Squirrels used a substitute goaltender.

The next game is Tuesday, at 9:15 p.m. against Honkey Kong in Resor.

Volcanoes Win Again

Ben Sumner


It was almost de ja vu û at least at the end of the game. For the second week in a row, the Volcanoes crushed the Ice Squirrels, this time 9-1 in Logsdon. Again, the Squirrels played the first shift without a goaltender, and didn’t yield a goal. And again, the Squirrels played with very few skaters û only three total subs.

The difference between this week and last week was the score in the first two periods. The Squirrels held the Volcanoes to only four goals in the first two periods, and scored one themselves, before fatigue set in during the third.

Juan Canchasto scored for the Squirrels in the first period on a beautiful pass from Phil Van der Vossen coming down the center.

The Squirrels played without Don Marks, Jared Genser, Greg Wenograd, Desmond Richelson, Chris Long, and didn’t have any substitutes.

The next game is Sunday, June 19, at 7:30 against the Dead Kings in Logsdon.

Squirrels Nearly Skunked

Ben Sumner


Playing the first place Volcanoes for the first time this season, the Screaming Squirrels Ice Team didn’t realize what they were in for an 11-2 beating. The Volcanoes scored 6 goals in the first period, and one more in the second before the Squirrels finally scored. Wade Marks, who wasn’t planning on playing because of an injury, sent a knuckler past the goaltender to stop the running clock. The Volcanoes then outscored the Squirrels 4-1 in the third period. Greg Wenograd scored for the Squirrels in the third period.

The Squirrels played without Don Marks, Adam Hughs, Juan Canchasto, and Jeff Newton. The next game is Sunday, June 12, 7:30 against the Volcanoes again.

Dead Kings Reign Again

Ben Sumner


The score didn’t come anywhere near a skunk this time, but the Dead Kings still ran away with an 8-2 victory over the Screaming Squirrels on Sunday. Playing with three forward lines and five defensemen – the most players the Squirrels used all season – the Squirrels still couldn’t stop the long passes and quick centering passes that the Dead Kings used extensively in the first meeting three weeks ago.

The game started promising enough for the Squirrels, as Don Marks, playing center, scored on a breakaway during the first shift of the game. The Dead Kings scored the next two, and then Matt Borlik tied the game on the power play with a 5-hole shot.

Then the Dead Kings ran away with the game in the second period, scoring a short-handed goal and then scoring on three consecutive line changes.

Jeff ôHockey Stop Guyö Newton played his first game as a Squirrel on defense. Goaltender Drew Thiemann played out on defense for the first time since his freshman year of college. The Squirrels used substitute goaltender ôSteve the Goalie.ö

The next game is Sunday, June 5, at 7:40 against the Volcanoes in Resor.

Third Period’s a Charm

Ben Sumner


Skating only two lines and withstanding a lopsided shot count, the Screaming Squirrels won their most gutsy game in months Sunday, 5-4, against the Panic in Logsdon Pavilion.

Down 2-0 after the first period, the Squirrels battled back midway through the second with goals by Phil Van der Vossen and Juan Canchasto, both from Joe Berrett’s stick. But the period didn’t end well, as the Squirrels gave up two late goals, including one shorthanded, to go down 4-2.

Then the third period came. Already sucking wind, the Squirrels put up three goals early on. Berrett scored shorthanded, Cancasto tied the game, and Berrett put in the game winner with a series of moves around the defensemen.

Goaltender Drew Thiemann stopped two breakaways in the final four minutes to preserve the victory while making 28 of 32 saves overall. The Squirrels only put up 18 shots.

There was a brief scare in the first period when Ben Sumner fell hard on his knee and had to skate off with assistance. Had he not returned, the Squirrels wouldn’t have had enough players for a complete line change.

For the first time, the Squirrels faced off against former roller teammates Dave Manfredi and Mike Morris, both of whom started playing for the Panic a few years ago before the Squirrels had starting playing ice themselves.

Don Marks, Wade Marks, Adam Hughes, Sergio Balatan, and Greg Wenograd missed the game for the Squirrels, who are now 2-1 in the league. The next game is Sunday, May 22, 9 p.m. in Resor.

Squirrels Avoid Skunk

Ben Sumner


Long before the Dead Kings scored from the blue line with one second remaining in the first period, the Screaming Squirrels knew they were in for it. Down 6-0 after the first period, and generating virtually no offensive chances, there was only a running clock and a 10-0 skunk to look forward to. Only the running clock happened. And then it didn’t. And then it did. And then it didn’t.

Down 7-0 in the second period, Ben Sumner sent a high knuckler from the right circle over the goaltender’s shoulder to put the Squirrels on the board. In the third period, Sumner flipped in another shot after the goaltender fumbled the puck in front of the net. The Dead Kings responded with a couple more goals after that, and then Phil Van der Vossen scored after putting on deep pressure in the zone with Matt Borlik.

Later in the period, Sumner centered to Jared Genser, who shot a point-blank wrister past the goaltender. Adam Hughes scored the fifth goal of the game for the Squirrels, but it was well short of the 11 that the Dead Kings put up. The Squirrels were outshot, 42-20.

The Squirrels, who had only two defensive lines and seven forwards, played without both Don and Wade Marks, and none of their part-time players. The next game is Sunday, May 15, at 10:45 p.m. against the Panic in Logsdon.

New League, Old Foe, Same Tune

Ben Sumner


The Screaming Squirrels made a quick statement in the Laurel ice league Monday, scoring two goals in the first 35 seconds of the game en route to a 6-1 victory against former roller division rival Honkey Kong. Don Marks and Greg Wenograd got the scoring started before the Squirrels went on a period-long scoring drought. Adam Hughes knocked in a pass from Desmond Richelson in the second, then Juan Canchasto scored two and Don Marks added his second goal in the third period.

Roller sniper and New Carrolton rink rat Joe Berrett played his first game as a Squirrel, putting up three assists on defense.

The Squirrels outshot Honkey Kong, 26-9. They skated without Jared Genser, Charles Wolstein, and Wade Marks.

The next ice game is Sunday, May 5, 7:40 p.m. against the Dead Kings.